Ransomware Attacks Threatens Cheese Shortage

Friday, April 16th, 2021 | , ,

In an odd display of the numerous impacts and fallouts from a successful ransomware attack, a recent attack on a food-logistics firm in the Netherlands has caused shortages of prepackaged cheese in supermarkets across the country. Transport company, Bakker Logistiek, has since confirmed that it was the target of an attack and claims that its products would still reach stores, adding that things might move slower than usual as the company rebounds.

Bakker Logistiek director Toon Verhoeven said in a local media report that he suspected the attackers gained a foothold through a Microsoft Exchange server vulnerability. This would make Bakker Logistiek the latest victim of attacks against Microsoft Exchange servers following the disclosure of the ProxyLogon group of security bugs. Microsoft announced in early March it found several zero-day bugs being used to attack on-premises Microsoft Exchange servers that included full dumps of email boxes, lateral movement, APT attacks and more.

Bakker Logistiek was able to regain control of its systems, according to local reports, which added that the company didn’t comment on whether they paid the ransom or not.

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