Partner Affiliate Program

Why You Will Love Partnering with Atlas

  1. Zero Capital Outlay & Ready on Day One

    Developing a sophisticated managed cybersecurity service requires a substantial amount of time and money, even before generating a single dollar of revenue.

  2. Flexible Financial Incentives

    Atlas’s partners have several implementation options with unique financial incentives. From a referral based partnership, which allows partners to join Atlas’s network of resellers, to a completely white-labelled solution with a profit-sharing structure that allows partners full control over the client experience, Atlas can make any solution work.

  3. Scalable Solutions

    Atlas’s solutions are purpose built to work for businesses of all sizes and are carefully designed to effortlessly scale to support any number of clients, in any form of deployment. Not only is our technology built to scale, but through partnerships with the military and intelligence community, we have a pipeline of top-tier talent ready to meet an increasing demand for services.

Looking to become an affiliate or channel partner?

We provide opportunities for individuals, small consulting groups, and large companies to align with us and collaborate.

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