Security Awareness Training

In today’s world, your employees, while the greatest resource for your business, the greatest risk for a cyber attack, thus a security awareness program is all but a requirement for operating in today’s world.

Atlas Cybersecurity provides a complete turn-key solution, powered by some of the most famous hackers-turned-educators in the world. We start by providing a baseline test of your employees, we then provide training based on the results that we found, and we test again to see who learned their lessons. This gives you invaluable insight into your employees actions, and gives a path forward for protecting your organization.

  • Regular Phishing Security Tests
  • Automated Security Awareness Program
  • Multi-Level Security Training Program
  • Vishing Security Test
  • USB Drive Test
  • Automated Human Pentesting

If you would like to learn more about our Security Awareness Training Service, or any other of Atlas Cybersecurity’s great offerings, give us a call today!