Mobile Device Management & Security

Mobile Devices pose a unique cyber risk to companies. They allow for increased productivity and availability, but companies often lack the ability to prevent cyber attacks on mobile devices, particularly when they use a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy. Atlas Cybersecurity provide a next-gen mobile device management and security platform that allows companies to gain insight into how employees are using and accessing company data on their mobile devices, as well as ensuring that that data is secure from criminals.

  • Productivity – Let your users work on any device they want. Atlas Cybersecurity’s MDM solution enables companies to improve productivity by letting employees use mobile devices for work securely. A wide range of security and management capabilities ensures that company data is secure, for example by configuring access to business information and email on personal or business-owned mobile devices.
  • Security – Keep business email and documents on mobile devices in containers, making sure that access to company data is controlled and secure, even for users with personal devices that can have access to business information without intrusions upon their privacy. Leading anti-malware and web protection technology protects users from malicious apps or websites. The security suite is monitored and managed 24×7 by analysts working in Atlas’s Global Security Operation Center.

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