Dark Web Scanning

Imagine if you bought a top quality security system for your house, and the next time you left home, you left a post-it note with your alarm code on your front door. Your expensive system could be easily beaten. The same is true in cybersecurity. With the tens of billions of records that have been breached over the years, it is all but certain that someone at your company has lost a username and password to cyber criminals. Unless you know about it, and which IDs and passwords were breached, you’re left defenseless to a cyber criminal waltzing into your digital door. Atlas Cybersecurity provides dark web monitoring services to help you find and mitigate breached login credentials. We combine human dark web intelligence to help find if your company is at risk.

  • Dark Web Threat Alerts – Proactive monitoring for your organizations stolen or compromised data and real-time alerts when data is discovered.
  • Compromised Data Tracking & Reporting – Track and triage incidents and better manage risk within logging and reporting capabilities.
  • Compromised Data Trending & Benchmarking – Gain insight into your organization’s current threat posture while benchmarking it against your peers and the industries that you serve.
  • Supply Chain Threat Monitoring – Monitor your supply chain, third-party partners and vendors to understand the potential risk they pose to your organization.

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