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Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly important part of the maritime industry. From criminals targeting ships and shipping companies, to nation-states spying on heads of states’ superyachts, to regulators rolling out cybersecurity requirements. If you want to stay safe on the high seas, it’s time to up your cybersecurity.

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Whether a Bulk Carrier, Container Ship, or Tanker, you need to ensure your precious cargo gets where it needs to go unencumbered by cyber threats. Criminals targeting ships can cause critical failures and result in millions in damages. Atlas’s solutions are tailor-made to secure a ship’s IT and OT networks and systems to keep hackers out.

Yachts are besieged by cyber criminals, looking for a quick pay day by defrauding a fuel transaction, or gathering blackmail on the rich and famous – these threats are real, present, and are happening with increasing frequency. Existing security solutions aboard boats are unable to handle the increasingly sophisticated attacks – Atlas’s solution, deployed around the world, has stopped criminals in their tracks.

The International Maritime Organization's Cybersecurity Standard Comes Into Effect on January 1, 2021- Are You Ready

Atlas is working with Flag States, Classification Societies, and Industry Leaders to build a solution tailor-made to make sure it provides compliance with IMO standards

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