Class-Action Lawsuit Accuses Intel of Unlawfully Intercepting Communications

Saturday, April 3rd, 2021 | , ,

A class-action lawsuit based in Florida has accused the tech giant of unlawfully intercepting communications by using session-replay software to capture the interaction of people visiting the corporate homepage of

The suit claims that Intel is using software on its website to capture keystrokes and mouse movements of the people that visit it. The current case represents only one of the many cases brought forward by private citizens to dispute their use of session-replay technology.

Central to the case is the session replay software that Intel, and many other companies, use on their websites that can track how people interact with the website, including recording their mouse movements and clicks, information they input into the site, and the pages and content they view. The suit claims that this activity by Intel violates the 2020 Florida Security of Communications Act, which makes it illegal to intentionally intercept another person’s electronic communications without first letting the person know and asking for his or her consent.

The plaintiffs in the case seek to stop Intel’s collection of this activity on its website through injunctive relief.

While the plaintiffs did not disclose the software that they believe Intel is using to record website session information, a published report said it is likely Clicktale, which analytics software maker Contentsquare acquired in 2019.

The software has been described in an online review as a cloud-based analytic system and service that allows a company to visualize a customer’s experience on its website from their perspective. Ostensibly, it is meant to help companies to improve their website by responding to how people interact with it.

Intel has so far declined to comment on whether it uses Clicktale or another type of session-replay software on its website.

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