Hackers Post Stolen Jones Day Law Firm Files on Dark Web

Saturday, February 20th, 2021 | , ,

Hackers with the Clop ransomware group have reportedly started to post data on the Dark Web that was apparently stolen from the law firm, Jones Day, which represents many global leaders, including former president Donald Trump.

Asked about motivations,  a person claiming to be from the hacker group responded it was about money and not politics.

The site DataBreached.net was first to report on the incident and published screenshots of stolen Jones Day files that the Clop group posted on the Dark Web as proof it has the goods. The group told DataBreaches.net it didn’t encrypt the files, just stole copies of information. The Clop crew also said Jones Day hasn’t responded to its requests.

A purported Clop ransomware hacker told the Wall Street Journal that Jones Day was notified on Feb. 3 that the data had been stolen and, as of Tuesday, Clop had not heard from the firm or discussed any ransom payment.

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