The International Boat Industry Recognizes VBH-Atlas’s Cybersecutiy Solution Launch

Monday, September 30th, 2019 |

The ‘VBH-Atlas Solutions’ include 24/7 live support by military-trained analysts

Dutch systems integrator Van Berge Henegouwen and Atlas Cybersecurity of the US have joined forces to ramp up security on superyachts for owners, their families, guests and crew.

Marking the launch of its partnership with Atlas, VBH is offering a free, five-day superyacht “cybersecurity assessment” developed by Atlas Cybersecurity.

That assessment will show “what issues there are and what action is required,” Atlas CEO Benjamin Dynkin said at the Monaco Yacht Show last week. “It explains how to protect owners and their family, guests and crew.”

The VBH-Atlas partnership reflects rising concern about cybersecurity, an issue that is seen to have fallen by the wayside in recent years as builders stuffed superyachts with smart technologies to make life on board more fun, more relaxed and more luxurious.

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